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Cosmetic and Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Fett, a specialist in blepharoplasty for over twenty years, was one of the first to use and promote the C02 laser for eyelid surgery. During this time he has performed laser rejuvenation on many thousands of men and women, making him one of the most experienced eyelid specialists in the United States.

How It Works
Laser eyelid surgery at the Fett Laser Center can eliminate droopy, puffy lids and bags often without skin incisions.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery“Puffy Lids”
As we age, the tissue above the eye often loses elasticity and droops. This results in “puffy-looking” upper lids that not only make you look older, but often interfere with vision. To erase puffy lids, Dr. Fett uses the laser to gently vaporize and remove this tissue until the puffiness is gone. During the procedure, the patient receives sedation by vein and therefore feels no discomfort. Because the laser vaporizes the tissue, there is very little bleeding and most healing is completed within one to two weeks.

puffy lids, before and after“Bags”
In the lower lids, the tissue also loses its elasticity and often fills permanently with fatty tissue. This gives the appearance of bags. Bags are not only a sign of age; they often make the patient appear as if he or she were tired. In removing bags, Dr. Fett uses a laser to make a small, very precise incision in the inner aspect of the lower lid. From this tiny incision, fat is vaporized and bags instantly disappear with little bleeding and no external scarring of the skin. There is little or no discomfort and the healing process is quick. The skin can also be tightened externally at the same time to soften wrinkles by making an incision right below the eyelashes.

bads under eyes, before and after

Skin Resurfacing

Because the skin around the eyes is also affected by the same aging process that causes drooping lids and puffy bags, Dr. Fett’s background as an ophthalmic plastic surgeon is ideal for using advanced laser technology to gently erase fine lines, and wrinkles.

skin resurfacing, before and after
laser skin resurfacing, before and after
Laser Skin Resurfacing
Dr. Fett uses laser skin resurfacing to gently erase fine lines and wrinkles, using techniques that work hand in hand with eyelid procedures. By adjusting the laser beam and its pattern, Dr. Fett is able to erase lines and wrinkles of various depths. He can also remove or soften sun damage, scars, moles, warts, age spots, lines around the mouth, acne scars and other skin lesions. As with laser eye surgery, the patient is given a sedative intravenously and feels no discomfort during the procedure. Postoperatively, the skin feels tightened and appears pink for several days to weeks. Makeup can be used to cover the redness eight to ten days after surgery. Over several weeks, the redness gradually fades. These laser techniques have proven so effective, they are often used instead of the more uncomfortable and less precise chemical peels. Because of the minimally invasive nature of the procedures, patients often elect to have eyelid surgery and skin resurfacing during the same session.

Dr. Fett uses a remarkable new compound called Radiesse, to fill in deep line furrows between the brow, around the mouth, nose and upper lip. Unlike other fillers that are absorbed and have to be re-injected every six months, or less, to maintain the desired effect, Deep Line Therapy provides you with natural looking results that may remain stable for up to three years. This can save you a significant amount of time and money over the years.

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